Hiking and Biking

The Bender Creek trail zigzags along the lush Bender Creek in the Little Belt... Read more
West of Great Falls, three buttes dot the skyline. Square Butte, the most... Read more
Located in the Big Snowy Mountains near Lewistown this loop hike starts at a... Read more
This hike into the Rocky Mountain Front follows. The emerald Dearborn River as... Read more
Forty miles east of Great Falls the Highwood Mountains offer excellent... Read more
This trail, just minutes from Lewistown, follows the contours of a wooded... Read more
The North Shore Trail extends from Rainbow Dam to Sacajawea Springs on the... Read more
This is one of the most popular hikes on the Rocky Mountain Front because it... Read more
The River’s Edge Trail is a popular spot in Great Falls and for good reason.... Read more
The trail through Sluice Boxes State Park follows Belt Creek, crossing it in... Read more
Where the pavement ends on the River's Edge Trail, near Rainbow Dam, miles of... Read more

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